Recordings of lectures are now available on Mediasite

Mediasite is an electronic data storing system for saving recorded lectures allowing easy viewing by the students (e.g. from Moodle)

What are the features of Mediasite?

The Mediasite system enables recording of lectures in video and audio format, including PPT presentations by the lecturer on PC or laptop. The video, audio and PPT presentations are fully synchronised. The student can download the complete lecture online. The Mediasite system is a fully automated and a discreet application that allows the lecturer to focus on his/her lecture, without being disturbed by technical adjustments.

How does a Mediasite recording look like?

View a sample Mediasite recording (Bc. Jana Římanová – “Basics of scientific writing”)

How is the recording made?

Recording lectures in a lecture room without a pre-installed recording system

A technician form the CULS Centre for Audio Visual Support (CAVS) installs the recording technology in the lecture room (laptop, web camera and microphone) and the lecture (PPT, PDF, DOC etc.) is automatically set to record. A wireless microphone is fastened on the lecturer to record his/her speech. The recording is initialised at the start of each lecture. At the end of the lecture the technician stops the recording and finalises its features according to the needs of the lecturer.

Recording lectures in the Congress Hall of the Study Information Centre (SIC)

Recording lectures in the Congress Hall is much easier, because the recording technology is directly connected with the Congress Hall audio and video control centre, which has its own technicians. The lecturer informs the technicians and fastens a microphone on his clothes – the technicians take care of the rest. At the end of the lecture the technician stops the recording and finalises its features according to the needs of the lecturer.

Recording lectures in the Wood Sciences Pavilion

The large lecture hall (2.01) and lecture rooms 1.06 and 1.07, situated in the Wood Sciences Pavilion, feature touch screen panels, allowing the lecturer to record lectures simply by touching the “record” and “stop” buttons on the touch screen. The video recording is made by fixed cameras, and the sound is recorded by microphones, which are on the pulpit and on the lecture rooms ceiling.

What happens after the lecture was recorded?

The recording of the lecture is uploaded to the server for further editing, (footage editing and cutting, sound equalising, PPT slides arrangements etc.). After editing the video recording is transferred to the relevant course catalogue.

How to get access to the recorded lectures?

Mediasite offers the following options:

Using Moodle

The lecturer will explain to students how to get easy access through Moodle during or after his/her lecture

Using the Mediasite catalogue

a) Public catalogue Mediasite - (no need for login and password)

b) Private catalogue - create your private catalogue, with your own login and password.

Who views your lectures?

The Mediasite system has sophisticated follow up and statistics application, which delivers information on each recorded lecture. When the lecture is on Moodle, it is possible to see which student actually viewed the lecture and how long. The statistical data can be exported in an excel file for further use by the lecturer. Bellow you will find a brief statistical overview of a public lecture with a chart indicating the viewing in minutes.

Mediasite - statistika

Picture nr.1 - Mediasite statistics (quick statistic of one lecture)

Would you like to record a lecture?

The request must be addressed at least one week before the scheduled lecture. Please fill out the form found at and sending it to After we receive the filled out form, we will contact you and settle all the details.