Division of information and communication technologies (OIKT)

We are a specialized CULS division, known as OIKT, engaged in operation of all information and communication technologies at the university. We provide our services to Rectorate workplaces and individual faculties and also participate in concept of strategic development of university ICT.

Basic activities of OIKT :

  • Management of user workstations including all accessories.
  • Managing classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Providing user support through Helpdesk OIKT.
  • Support for study department.
  • Operation of networks, network elements, workstations, audio-video and communication technologies.
  • Providing telecommunication services.
  • Management and operation of server, mail, web and database systems.
  • Purchase, development and management of information systems.
  • Graphic works.
  • Support for e-learning.
  • Management and implementation of projects.
  • Support in reconstruction and construction works of university buildings.
  • Creation and implementation of licensing policy.

If you are experiencing problems with ICT within the CULS, contact our specialized center Helpdesk which provides comprehensive user support.