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The Information Support Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Management CULS (SIS) offers a wide portfolio of graphic services. Complex services are provided primarily for the needs of the departments and individuals of FEM CULS. They include advice on graphics, graphical proposals, graphic design, print preparation and printing.

Specific examples:

  • Creation of logotypes and graphical manuals,
  • creating business cards,
  • creation of posters and promotional roll-ups,
  • creation of brochures and similar prints,
  • creation of letterhead paper,
  • creation of promotional items and clothing,
  • design of visuals and web graphics.

Guaranteed service availability:

  • Requirement with minimal notice in advance,
  • for each type of event different time plan,
  • effort to at most of satisfy request,
  • to necessity of exact specification of the assignment.

Support of departments

  • Methodological and technical support for users in creating their own graphics.
  • The aim is to improve the form of FEM promotion.


Ing. Michal Hruška, Ph.D., tel .: 224 383 215, e-mail: jabko@tf.czu.cz