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The services provided include a large number of activities for communication between the faculty, students and the public through marketing means. When requested, the appropriate form of promotion is chosen to the agreement of the client, the Vice-Dean for External Relations and representatives of SIS FEM according to the needs and nature of the planned activities.

Current options of promotions:

  • Presentations on the FEM website
  • presentations on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare), 
  • presentation on infopanels and PC screens in classrooms, 
  • direct marketing by addressing a specific customer by e-mail 
  • preparation of graphic design of posters, brochures, leaflets and printing, 
  • proposal and realisation of promotional items, 
  • rent of FEM stand and roll-ups, 
  • taking and preparation of photos and videos,
  • use of FEM mascot, 
  • other on request.

A request for the services can be sent by e-mail to propr@pef.czu.cz, arranged in person or by filling in an online form.


Ing. Václav Lohr, Ph.D., tel .: 224 382 054, e-mail: lohr@pef.czu.cz

Požadavky na tvorbu grafických podkladů pro propagaci a prezentaci

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Propagační kanály PEF - TV (infopanely), web PEF, Novinky PEF (infomail), sociální sítěPopis ideálního zpracování, pokud si někdo nebude…

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