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PROPR team, or Guarantors for Promotion and Presentation (short in Czech - ProPr), was created to support the promotion of activities of the FEM departments. It consists of representatives of individual departments responsible for gathering, preparing and transmitting information (news) to the SIS guarantors. The main communication channel is the collection mail propr@pef.czu.cz. It is also possible to organize a meeting of members of the PROPR team provided by the Vice-Dean for external relations.

List of individual department representatives:

DepartmentPromotion, Presentation
Department of Economics
Helena Řezbová
Department of Economic Theories
Pavel Hrdlička
Department of Humanities
Pavla Varvažovská
Department of Information Engineering
Veronika Ander
Department of Information Technologies
Jan Masner
Department of Languages
Tereza Pilařová
Department of Trade and Finance
Lukáš Moravec
Department of Law
Vittková Hana
Department of Psychology
Pavel Michálek
Department of Management
Ladislav Pilař
Department of Statistics
Radka Procházková
Department of Systems Engineering
Jiří Fejfar