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The university information system available at http://is.czu.cz is a sophisticated platform for an extensive school agenda including administration of study programmes, study plans, Study administration office, Department for science and research, study funding, scholarships, admissions, personal administration, International relations office, state final examinations, document server, schedules, and other agendas.

For Faculty of Economics and Management, UIS is administered by the system integrators who are part of the Information Support Centre FEM:

Petr Sovič, tel.: 224 383 228
Ondřej Fátor, tel.: 224 383 243

The role of system integrators is primarily a complex system administration, design of integration links with other systems and tools of CULS, design of system development, problem solving, testing, support of system users, ensuring full functioning of the system for students and employees of the Faculty of Economics and Management.