Department of Agrienvironmental Chemistry and Plant Nutrition

Department of Agroenvironmental Chemistry and Plant Nutrition

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The Department provides education of subjects in the field of agrochemistry, plant nutrition and fertilization for students of master and bachelor study programmes on the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, Faculty of Economics and Management, Technical Faculty and Institute of Tropics and Subtropics.

  The Department guarantees the study specialization of the bachelor study programme called “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” and specializations of the master study programme called “Plant Nutrition and Protection”, “Waste Management and Waste Use” and “Sustainable Development of Biosphere”.

  Great attention is given to upbringing of undergraduate students who do their final thesis and also PhD. students. They participate in solving of research projects.

  The Department organizes regularly scientific seminars on the problems of plant nutrition, fertilization and soil fertility. Traditionally the Department holds the national conference called “Reasonable Use of Fertilizers”.

  The research activity of the Department focuses mainly on these topics:

  • Transformations of soil nitrogen and the use of different nitrogen forms for the optimization of fertilization.

  • Fertilization of field and horticultural crops, especially cereals, oil seed rape and maize.

  • Fractionation of selected risk elements in the soil, assessment of their forms which can be taken up by plants and limitation of this uptake, remediation of polluted soils.

  • Processes in the plant rhizosphere from the point of uptake of nutrients and risk elements by plants.

  • Use of stabilized sewage sludge in agriculture and its influence on soil, plant production and its quality.

  • Plant characteristics on the polluted soils and the management leading to sustainable curing of the soil.

  • Precise fertilizing, soil fertility care and limitation of heterogeneity of soil characteristics.

  While solving the research targets the Department co-operates with various organizations in the Czech Republic (MZLU Brno, ÚKZÚZ Praha, VÚRV Praha - Ruzyně, ÚOCHB AV ČR) and also organizations abroad (University in Berlin, Bonn, Graz, Krakow, Vienna, Wageningen and others).

  The Department gives advice and consultancy and in this field the Department also cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrární komora ČR (Czech Agrarian Chamber) and local authorities and also firms dealing in fertilizers production and distribution.