Another important part of the HUBRU is technology for eye-tracking and biofeedback recording.

The eye-tracking system is a set of eyeglasses with identification of eye contact targeting of the surrounding area (real, projected or on-screen), including recording equipment and software support for the processing of results. Glasses are designed to not limit the view of the peripheral areas and the free movement of the head and the whole person. At the same time the device is recording the visualization of the surrounding area, including the focusing of the view. The recording device is mobile, does not require direct communication with the control computer. By its size and weight it does not limit the experimental person in motion.

The recording of biological parameters is ensured by a system of sensors and modules for transferring information to a computer. Recording is supported by software analysis of data, including simulation programs, enabling the presentation of own photographic files or video sequences of the specific physiological functions such as conductivity of the skin, temperature, Blood pulse, 3D motion acceleration. All above is done by combined sensor located on the wrist or head. Furthermore, the detection of skin conductivity, temperature and pulse are measured on the finger of a hand with one sensor. It is also possible to scan the function of the muscles by scanning their electrical biosignals (electromyography). Human physiological functions are recorded and visually displayed at the moment they appear.