Department of Agricultural Machines


Frequently asked questions


  1. How tall will the sunflowers be and will they be in flower?

Size of the sunflowers will be around 30 cm with 8 or 10 leaves. Diameter will be around 25 cm. Sunflowers will not be with flower.

  1. On which date will the sunflowers be planted?

The competition field will be established in middle of May.

  1. How tall will the seed rape and maize plants be?

Size of maize will be similar and seed rape will be in phase of the leaf rosette.

  1. Will the damaged sunflowers be yellow and brown (damaged some days before) or will they be green like the others?

Diseased plant will be similar like the pictures which are attached. Colour will be yellow and brown.  Plants will be damaged one week before competition.


  1. What will be the distance between two adjacent sunflowers (their stems), when there is no missing plants?

Distance between two adjacent plants will be around 15 - 18 cm.


      6.       What varieties of sunflower, maize and oilseed rape will be grown?

The cultivar of the sunflowers will be P64LE25 , the maize Avixxene and the rape Atlantic.




Last update 1 March 2013