Department of Forest Ecology

Subjects lectured by department

Forest ecology department is engaged in a wide specter of subjects -  from the basic subject that takes part in first study years (such as Botany and Dendrology), further deepened in the Forest ecology, the Forest phytocenology (geobotany), the Management of protected areas, the Forest ecology and management, including many subjects included in the the Arboristic study programme and in the Forestry programmes. Department also participates in life-long education programmes for seniors.

DLLX001Y Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems in the Context of Climate Change
DLLX002Y Phytosociology and Forest Site Classification
DLLX003Y Dynamics of the Forest Ecosystems
DLLX004Y Methods in Quantitative Ecology
DLLX005Y Advanced dendrology
DLLX006Y Advanced plant determination
DLLX007Y Methods in ecology and community classification
DLLX008Y Phytosociology and Forest typology
DLLX009Y Dynamics of the Forest Ecosystems
DLLX010Y Phytosociology and Forest Site Classification
DLLX011Y Methods in Quantitative Ecology
DLLX012Y Advanced dendrology
DLLX013Y Advanced plant determination
DLLX014Y Methods in ecology and community classification
LLL001Z Forest Phytopathology
LLL002Z Lesnická fytopatologie
LLL003E eng název předmětu
LLL004E eng název předmětu
LLL006E Forest Ecology
LLL008E Arboristická dendrologie I
LLL011E Dendroekologie
LLL012E Arboriculture Forensic Expertise
LLL013E Advance Forest Ecology
LLL019E Dendrology
LLL01E Forest Ecology
LLL023E Plánování a projektování zeleně
LLL024E Tree Care Techniques
LLL02E Basics of Botany
LLL07E Dendrology for Wood Engineering
LLL07Z Dendrology for Wood Engineering - field lecture
LLL08E Dendrology
LLL08Z Applied Geobiocenology
LLL16E Botany for PNOT
LLL17Z Preparation of Plants and their Parts
LLL1AZ Forestry Briefly
LLL703E Forest Ecology
LLL705E Dendrology
LLL71E Forest Ecology
LLL72E Basics of Botany
LLL74E Phytosociology & Forest Site Classification
LLL78E Basics of Botany
LLL80E Dendrology
LLL80Z Applied Geobiocenology
LLX01E Forest Ecology
LLX02Z Applied Dendrology
LLX03E Forest Ecology
LLX04E Forest Ecology and Management
LLX06E Vegetation in Land Management
LLZ01E Dendrology
LLZ02Z Forest Ecology
LLZ03E Elements of Greenery in Land Consolidation
LLZ04Z Landscape Vegetation
LPZ03E Forest management in protected area
LPZ71E Forest management in protected area