Department of Forest Ecology

Department of Forest ecology

Since Forest ecology department guarantee wide spectre of subjects, starting from the botany and the dendrology, through the forest ecology to applied subject such as e.g. arboristic tree care, thus the spectre of scientific activities is accordingly wide. With a little exaggeration it can be said that our activities cover altitudinal range from xerothermic mixed forests up to old growth mountain spruce forests and biotopes from mixed temperate European (and even Far East Korean) forests up to northern tundra (of Spitsbergen).

 The temporary direction of the Forest ecology is research of the disturbances effect to forest spatial, age and species structure and also natural regeneration. Within the topic our field activities cover middle altitude and mountain forests of Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania and Turkey. 

Further development in dendrochronology would be further promoted by new laboratory with densitometer. 

The geobotany research is oriented to human influence to forest association long term development and actual activities cover restoration of old oak coppice forest. 

Botanical species under our spotlight are Pulsatilla sp., Vinca minor and Betula sp. Our narrow cooperation with University Arboretum give us the possibility to evaluate different forest species growth and environmental reaction simultaneously with propagation (e.g. in vitro propagation of Disanthus or old Pyrus varieties).

Scientific cooperation is maintained with Institute of Botany ASCR, Charles University, Crop Research Institute in Prague