Department of Information Engineering

AI Bridge

AI Bridge - A New Initiative Connecting AI and Practice with Current Activities

AI Bridge is a new initiative organized by the Department of Information Engineering (KII), focusing on bridging the gap between the academic world and the commercial sector in the field of artificial intelligence. The main goal is to bridge the divide between theoretical knowledge and practical applications of AI. The initiative offers a variety of activities, including workshops, podcasts, and opportunities for networking and engagement in projects.

AI Bridge workshops are designed to provide participants with practical skills in the field of AI, from advanced tool usage to programming real projects. Podcasts focus on two main areas: commercial and academic. In the commercial branch, discussions with experts implementing AI in companies take place, while the academic branch delves into discussions on current scientific topics and articles.

AI Bridge also promotes collaboration between students and companies. Under the supervision of doctoral students, students have the opportunity to work on projects for companies, while companies can send their employees to workshops and lectures. This collaboration can lead to the creation of joint consortia for grant projects and provide students with valuable junior experiences during their studies.

Upcoming Workshops:

January 24, 2024, 18:00  (EII), Effective Use of Generative AI Tools with a Focus on Text: Discover how you can utilize AI tools for text generation, including maximizing the use of chat GPT. The workshop takes place at PEF CZU. Registration.
January 31, 2024, 18:00 (EII), Programming Generative AI with a Focus on Text: Dive into the world of generative AI and learn how to develop generative text models. The workshop will be held at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Registration.

The AI Bridge initiative represents a step towards integrating modern technologies into practice and supports the development of sustainable and efficient AI solutions not only in the academic space but also in the commercial sphere.

* Watch our promo video from the last workshop and get an idea of what AI Bridge has to offer: