Department of Information Engineering

Department of Information Engineering

The Department of Information Engineering (KII) was set up in autumn 1998 by the split of the Department of Informatics into two independent entities, in response to the need of specialised education in engineering studies in Informatics, and at the same time to the need of teaching the core of informatics in other faculties and courses at the University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS). KII´s main focus has been on teaching activities. The Department provides education at all levels of studies at the university, i.e. in the bachelor, master and doctoral courses.


The faculty staff are involved in research and consultancy. The overall KII research interests have been oriented in the following topics:

  • methods of information systems introduction
  • information systems quality assessment and measuring
  • object modelling
  • computer typography
  • geographic systems for decision-making support
  • expert systems
  • e-learning problems
  • artificial intelligence application
  • marginal agricultural acivities information support

A possibility of the application of data processing methods and of mathematical modelling in the agri-food sector with respect to specific attributes of the agricultural environment has been a common principle of all the above topics. A further common principle has been the consideration of the geographic character of the majority of agricultural data and the need to seek proper tools for their efficient analysis and application in the decision-making support of top management.

Research activity

The KII academic staff have been involved in the research project "Data Processing and Mathematical Modelling in Agriculture", and in projects which KII has been granted in recent three years. The following topics are hereby given as examples:

  • development concept and methods of developing university IS
  • selected aspects of distance studies
  • SW products and services licensing
  • some generalisations in measurement methods
  • e-trade
  • information systems quality and security
  • software quality international standardisation
  • object-oriented development environment
  • object-oriented business modelling process assessment and business-process re-engineering
  • Smalltalk and object databases application
  • transition from conceptual model to sofware objects design using BORM
  • neuron networks application in decision making
  • knowledge modelling methods
  • spatial data application in regional administration and development
  • geographic modelling
  • multicriterial classification and symptom space modelling
  • certain aspects of image processing as the most widespread data source for GIS
  • expert system for mushroom cultivation and bee management
  • expert elements of agricultural multimedial systems
  • feedback in e-learning

Other activities

Among the other activities have been

  • education
  • publishing work
  • work on scientific grants
  • organisation of scientific and specialist events
  • membership in scientific councils
  • membership in scientific journals´ editorial boards
  • membership in grant agencies´ committees
  • membership in scientific societies
  • membership in international organisations
  • membership in organizing and programme committees of national conferences
  • external lecturing at other universities
  • cooperation with research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • other activities