Department of Languages

Erasmus incoming students

Information for Erasmus incoming students

If you want to enrol in a foreign language course at the Department of Languages, this course must be stated in your Learning Agreement.

The Department of Languages offers courses in different foreign languages (Czech for foreigners, English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Chinese) on various CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1). For more details, see “Information about levels and languages“.

All courses last two semesters (2x12 weeks, 90 minutes a week without a break), therefore if you are a complete beginner you can start a course at level A1 only in the winter term. This does not apply to Czech for Exchange students, which you can enrol in at the beginning of both winter and summer semesters.

To be enrolled, you need to do the following:

During the first (or no later than the second) week of the semester bring your Learning Agreement to the Department of Languages and ask the technicians (Ing. Tereza Pilařová. Ing. Radka Vlkovičová or Martin Sálus) to enrol you.

Get a password for the Moodle system from your teacher and check the information there regularly. There might be additional subject materials, information about homework and also a message about cancellation of lesson due to your teacher’s illness.

Get the textbook and /or other study materials recommended by the teacher and have these in the class (for example the textbook, workbook, photocopies, …).

To get the final credit you must comply with the requirements of your teacher (taking active participation in classes, doing the homework, exercises in Moodle, etc.). Attendance is obligatory, you can miss maximum 2-3 classes.

In case of your absence from a class, you are required to contact your colleagues to find out what to study and what your homework is for the following class.

At the end of the winter term, there is usually a written test to be credited. You need to reach the score of 65 per cent to pass it. In the winter term. there is only one regular test session in December and one retake (1+1) in January. The retake test dates for January are announced by your teacher in the second half of December.

At the end of the summer term, there is an exam consisting of two parts: written and oral. You can get three grades to pass: excellent (1), very good (2) or good (3). In the summer term, there is one regular test session in the last week of April and two further attempts (1+2) in May or June. The exam dates for May and June are announced by your teacher at the end of April.

You can be examined only by the teacher whose course you attended.

Should you have any doubts, problems, questions, visit your teacher in his/her office during his/her office hours for students (2x60 minutes per week).