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Ph.D. studies

Information for doctoral students - Coronavirus:

The doctoral students prepare for their examination (in given languages) individually – please see the examination requirements. Submit the completed material by email to your examiner – presentation, your research project, terminological dictionary (50 items) based on 50 pages of specialised text you have studied. The remaining instructions according to individual examiners’ requirements – communicate with them via email.

Owing to the current situation, the doctoral oral examinations will take place in the summer semester examination period after the university has been reopened (? 2nd half of May, June, or by appointment in July, August, September).

Best wishes and good health,

Lenka Kučírková
Head of the Language Department

Ph.D. studies – Specialist Foreign Language Examination

At the Department of Languages, Ph.D. students sit a specialist foreign language examination, included in their individual doctoral study programme.

The department provides exams in English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and Czech for foreign students. On special request, exams can also be taken in Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

At the exam, Ph.D. students demonstrate their skills in a particular language at minimum B2 level of the Common European Framework for Languages, with regard to their both practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in the specialist language.

Exam structure and requirements

For the exam, students submit 1-2 A4 page long summary of their dissertation. They also select and prepare specialist materials related to their area of research (50 pages minimum from a monograph or scientific papers, written by native speakers).

Exam is oral. Students present their dissertation, discuss their research aims, methodology and expected results. They summarize and discuss their prepared specialist materials. They prepare a short explanatory dictionary (50 items) from a chosen specialist text.

Contact your examiner well ahead of time before taking the exam.

Classes and exam preparation

The preparation for the exam is conceived as a self-study. Students are expected to consult their preparation with the examiner.


Classes/seminars are held for full-time students preparing for exams in English and German.

90-minute seminars are held once a week in the winter semester of each academic year. Schedule for individual faculties is available at the beginning of the winter semester at the Department of Languages.

For other languages, please contact the examiner by email or in his or her office hours.


 English (FAFNR I, FE and FFWS): PhDr. Mgr. Lenka Kučírková, Ph.D.
 English (FTA and FAFNR II): doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Voráček, CSc.

 English (FEM) & Academic Writing: PhDr. Martina Jarkovská, Ph.D.
 German: PhDr. Mgr. Milena Dvořáková, MBA
 Russian: PhDr. Dagmar Kšandová, Ph.D., PhDr. Jitka Prachařová
 Czech: PhDr. Dagmar Kšandová, Ph.D., PhDr. Martina Jarkovská, Ph.D.
 Spanish: Mgr. Alena Drebitková Malá,
 French: PhDr. Mgr. Milena Dvořáková
 Italian: Ing. Vendula Ludvíková, Ph.D.
 Arabic: Ing. Ivan Hrbek
 Chinese: Bc. Fengman Songová