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Optional Language Courses

Department of Languages

  • Optional language courses are intended only for Ph.D. candidates, students, and employees of CZU Prague and are professionally guaranteed by the Department of Languages FEM CZU. 
  • Registration for the course must be done electronically before payment via the e-mail address of the particular course lecturer (see below). Please wait for the lecturer's response before sending the payment for the selected course. 
  • The course fee: CZK 1,800.
    Payment will be made to the account: 500022222/0800
  • Variable symbol: 112022 
  • Enter your family name and the name of the course in the "Message for recipient" field (e.g., Fernandez-Czech A1/1). 
  • Send confirmation of payment from the bank by e-mail to your course lecturer immediately after the payment. 
  • The payment covers 20 teaching hours per 1 semester (10 classes), and the fee is non-refundable.
  • Provided the offered courses are filled (at least 15 applicants pay the fee mentioned above before the start of the course), the classes will begin on the date indicated for the relevant course (see below). 
  • If there are not enough applicants, the course will be cancelled, and the fee will be returned.
  • A detailed offer of courses will be continuously updated on the website of the Department of Languages: http://katedry.czu.cz/kj link to "Optional Courses."

Courses offered for SS 2023/24 

ANGLIČTINA B1/B2 (gramatika a konverzace)
 English B1/B2 (grammar and conversation)
Úterý/Tuesday 16,00 -17,30, učebna/room: JIH S17
Zahájení/Start: 27. 2. 2024
Vyučující/Lecturer: PhDr. M. Jarkovská, PhD.
* note

Čeština A2/B1 (gramatika a konverzace)
Czech A2/B1 (grammar and conversation)

Středa/Wednesday 17,30 - 19,00, učebna/room JIH S17
Zahájení/Start: 28. 2. 2024
Vyučující/Lecturer: PhDr. M. Jarkovská, PhD.

Čeština A1/1 
Czech A1/1 beginners

Vyučující/Lecturer: PhDr. Mgr. M. Dvořáková, MBA
The course will not be held due to insufficient number of applicants.