Department of Languages

FEM Extended Language Studies

FEM xtended Language Studies

Extended Language Studies is a four-semester programme designed to complement Czech studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management with selected specialized subjects taught in English and German. It is offered to all first year Bachelor degree students. The programme significantly contributes to expansion of their professional foreign language skills and, furthermore, it is concluded with an international certificate. The tuition is facilitated by teachers from the Department of Languages as well as teachers from other departments at FEM who graduated in the particular field or taught the subject abroad, or by visiting foreign professors.

Objectives of ELS

An ELS graduate should be able to:

  • communicate successfully with foreign partners;
  • have participated in work placement, internship and/or postgraduate studies abroad; 
  • study foreign language scientific and academic texts intensively;
  • participate actively in various international workshops, conferences, symposia and other professional gatherings;
  • conclude the programme with the TOEIC (English) or UNICERT III (German) international exam which will help him or her in terms of better professional opportunities in international companies both in the Czech Republic and in the European Union.