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Tomograf Nikon XT H 225ST (Nikon, BEL)

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The XT H 225 ST is a Computed Tomography (CT) system ideally suited to a wide range of materials and sample sizes, especially those that are too large or heavy for other systems in the range. the system has two interchangeable sources; the 225 kV reflection target and the optional 225 kV rotating target.

The maximum dimensions of the scanned object can be 50 cm in diameter and 73 cm high and can weigh 50 kg. The focal spot size is 3 µm for 7 W to 225 µm for 225 W. The detector has a resolution of 2 880 x 2 880 pixels.

Zodpovědný pracovník: Ing. Aleš Klement, Ph.D.