Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection




Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection is focused on teaching and research in all branches of soil sciences. The Department cooperates with a number of research and education institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. It contributes actively to the research of up-to-date problems related to soil degradation, conservation and protection.

Research activity

Research projects of the Department focus mainly on soil pollution with potentially toxic elements, forest soils degradation and toxic forms of aluminium, modelling of transport processes in soil, soil structure stability, soil organic matter composition and quality, erosion, soil classification, digital soil mapping, application of pedometrics and geostatistics, urban soils, and soil reclamation after mining. The results of research are published in prestigious international scientific journals. Publications of the Department include also the Soil Atlas of the Czech Republic (in Czech and English versions).

Educational activity

The Department provides lectures and courses for students of all faculties of CULS in the field of soil sciences and related subjects, including general soil science, soil chemistry, soil conservation and protection, soil survey and mapping, modelling in soil science, soil classification, geology, applied cartography, etc. Special attention is paid to the master programme Soil Evaluation and Protection. The Department participates significantly on lecturing in English study programmes Natural Resources and Environment and Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering (joint degree). Some lectures are taught also for students of the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague.

Extension and consultancy

The Department occasionally provides consultancy in the field of soil evaluation and protection and presents these topics on various seminars. Members of the Department participated on preparation of several methodologies for agricultural and forestry practice. The Department carried on for many years surveys and research of reclaimed soils on dumpsites for the Severočeské Doly mining company.