Department of Animal Science


Department of Animal Husbandry ( CSP ) provides instruction in 80 subjects at a proper distance bachelor's and master's degree mainly in livestock , companion animals but also in all the faculties of Life Sciences in Prague. It guarantor of bachelor's and master's degree animal production . The Department operates the riding for teaching , as well as sports and leisure use of students. Considerable attention is paid to the education of undergraduates and postgraduates . In 2008, upheld in the final state examinations undergraduate work 67 , 22 theses and two doctoral dissertation. Scientific activities of the department focuses on the following research areas:

Risk and stress factors affecting the performance of ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats) and the quality of their products.
Detection of problems and formulation methods to improve performance in reproduction of cattle , a key indicator of ensuring the efficiency of breeding dairy and beef cattle.
Relationship breeding techniques (genotype , herd management ) combined and beef cattle and beef quality and its implementation.
Advanced production focus ruminant farmers in terms of economic efficiency.
Determination and optimization of the growth of selected genotypes of pigs , growth modeling in relation to selected internal and external factors that affect growth.
Monitoring of selected parameters of pig meat parts from the perspective of the factors affecting their quantitative and qualitative aspects .
Determine the effect of selected internal factors on the physico - chemical properties of pork.
Determination of the effect of genotype and housing of laying hens on egg production and quality.
Design of suitable housing laying hens in accordance with the terms of the EU with regard to the preservation of favorable intensity of lay , shell quality and lowest contamination of eggs.
Determination of appropriate genotypes bearing hybrid hens conditions for newly promoted hen housing systems in the EU with regard to conditions in the country.
Refining the breeding objectives and standards of breeds of horses bred in the Czech Republic .

As part of research projects the department is working with a number of major centers ( JU in Czech Budejovice , Mendel University in Brno , VÚŽV Uhříněves , VÚCHS Rapotin , SPU Nitra ) . Publication activities of the department in 2008 represents a total of 105 articles and conference papers , as well as two methods, three book publications and two textbooks . The Department emphasizes cooperation with agricultural practice . Members of the department regularly organizes conferences and seminars for public breeding . Close is also working with the breeders associations of individual species of farm animals. In applied research provided by the Department in Experimental and Testing Station pigs facet at Lan station tests as external business grants for pig producers .

doc . Ing . Roman Stupka , MD .

Head of the Department of Animal Husbandry