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Project Management

In its activities, SIS FEM initiates and manages a number of IT and other projects. SIS FEM staff have methodological support within their department. If necessary, it is possible to effectively set up project management according to international standards and methodologies. SIS FEM also offers project management services to all FEM CULS staff, ie. consultation for planning time schedules, allocation of resources, creation and management of documentation. The tools and procedures of classical project management are very well applicable in sub-sections of the management of research projects or EU projects.

Risk Management

SIS FEM also provides methodological support in the area of risk management in its projects and other FEM CULS projects. Risk management procedures (eg ISO 31000 or PMBoK PMI) can be very successfully applied not only in IT projects but also in the preparation of research projects or EU projects. Methodological support in the area of risk management is also offered to all other departments of FEM CULS. 


Ing. Jan Bartoška, Ph.D., tel .: +420 224 382 361, e-mail: bartoska@pef.czu.cz

Ing. Jan Prokop, e-mail: prokop@pef.czu.cz