Department of Languages




Classes take place in the winter term and are optional. In the summer term PhD candidates can use individual consultations.

Classes in the winter term 2021/2022 begin in the 4th week of the semester.

Contact your teacher (Dr. Kučírková at kucirkova@pef.czu.cz for FAFNR I ,FFWS and FE and Dr. Jarkovská at jarkovska@pef.czu.cz for FAFNR II, FTA and FEM) for more information.

FAFNR I - Tuesday 12:15, FEM D306

FE - Tuesday 14:00, FEM D306

FAFNR II, FTA - Thursday 12:15, JIH010

FEM - Thursday 14:00, JIH010

Momentarily, examination of doctoral students takes place online or in a contact form in compliance with all hygienic regulations, after an individual agreement with the examiner.

Exam requirements:

· Project / outline of the dissertation in English - structure of the scientific article (IMRAD structure - introduction to the issue including a brief theoretical overview and objectives of the research and research questions, methodology, expected results and conclusions, list of references), range of 3-4 A4 pages. (It can also be an article that students have already published as part of their research, or which they are preparing for publication).

· English thesaurus (words and definitions) dictionary of professional terminology from the study field (minimum 50 items) from about 50 studied pages of the professional text (original in English and not older than 5 years, can be scientific articles or chapters from the monograph).

Students submit both in electronic form to the examiner no later than 7 days before the date of the exam.