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Summer School Soil & Water 2018

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Summer School Soil and Water 2018

The ELLS EU 6th Summer School

When and Where?

E-learning: on scheduled dates from 21st  May to 29th June, 2018, in front of your computers
On site: from 9th July (morning) to 21st July 2018 (afternoon) in Campus of the Ege University, at Dept. of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Izmir - Bornova, Turkey. (Arrival: latest on 8th July, departure: earliest on 22nd July)

Who are we?

Main organizer:
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Dept. of Water Resources, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech Republic, EU.
CULS PragueEge University, IzmirUTAEM MenemenUC Copenhagen, Faculty of ScienceBOKU Wien and with a support of ELLS members (UHOH, WUR, SLU, WULS)

Who are you?

PARTICIPANTS: PhD and advanced MSc students, postdocs are welcome too.
Successful graduates will gain 8 ECTS.

How much it costs?

No tuiton fee! 60 EUR pre-payment to be paid in advance to the bank account of the SS (details in application form) + travel costs, accommodation and living costs (accommodation with breakfast approx. 27 EUR/day, see details in the attached document below)
Students of CULS may ask for financial support. For more details contact Dr. Miháliková (mihalikova@af.czu.cz). Students of other universities cannot get any financial support from CULS! You may ask for support at your home university.

How to apply?

Use the electronic application form below.

What is it about?

  • Soil as a porous complex system in the Earth Core
  • Principal physical processes within the soil – water relationship
  • Transport processes in the vadose zone and their environmental functions
  • Physical processes for saving and protection of soil and water in the environment
  • Importance of physical processes for the protection of soil and water
  • Determination of soil water content, soil water potential, hydraulic conductivity and other soil hydro-physical properties
  • Rural agriculture water management, environmental aspects of soil and water in landscape
  • The tutorials and practical trainings in the laboratory and field techniques 
  • THREE  EXCURSIONS during the on-site school in Izmir

How to get there?

Transportation from airport to Ege University Campus and other practical information: http://ebys.ege.edu.tr/ogrenci/ebp/practical-information.htm


Use this link to open the form in a new window: https://goo.gl/forms/aGdsfcawLVqzRjAJ2 

Link to ELLS: https://www.euroleague-study.org/en/soilwater

Impressions from last year