Information Support Centre

Our Partners

Our most important partners at the faculty are the Department of Information Technologies and the Department of Information Engineering.

At the university level we very closely cooperate with the Division of Information and Communication Technologies and the Centre for Audiovisual Support.

Representative of IT (ZIT)

09.03.2016 | 1606x

List of Representative of IT (short in Czech - ZIT) on FEM Departments:DepartmentZITDepartment of EconomicsJiří JiralDepartment of Economic TheoriesRoman SvobodaDepartment of HumanitiesJiří…

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Guarantors for Promotion and Presentation (PROPR)

11.03.2016 | 1311x

List of Guarantors for Promotion and Presentation (short in Czech - ProPr) on FEM Departments:DepartmentProPrDepartment of EconomicsHelena ŘezbováDepartment of Economic TheoriesPavel…

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