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 Portal of the HR agency of FEM CULS

The project to create a portal for the FEM personnel agency was set up in June 2014. The aim of the project was to create a personnel portal within the Complex Career Consultancy System at FEM (abbreviation in Czech - KAPO). The main aim of the project was to increase the presumption of FEM students to succeed in the labor market and to increase the competitiveness of students in their integration into the work process. One of the concrete outcomes of the project should be the increase of the companies’ interest in FEM students, therefore a higher number of job offers for students and graduates. The project seeks to deepen cooperation between the faculty and the commercial sphere. The expected overall outcome of the project is an increase of prestige of FEM and therefore an increase of students interested to study at the faculty.

Career Centre

JOBS FEM is managed by the Career Centre of FEM CULS in Prague. Career Centre cooperates with all organizations, ie businesses, institutions and interest groups, who are interested in contacting and cooperating with students and graduates of the faculty and informing them about job offers, the job market and possibilities of their involvement.


JOBS FEM is a web portal where you can find job offers, part-time job offers, internships and trainee programs. The portal also offers profession and career counseling, and informs about important events and lectures. At JOBS FEM, students and companies can find information about the annual Career Fair workshop, which is held at FEM's premises. The main advantage of this personnel portal is that it contains job offers directly tailored to FEM students and graduates, mainly from economics, management, IT, business, administration, etc. The JOBS FEM catalog currently contains more than 130 registered companies. JOBS FEM portal address: http://jobs.pef.czu.cz/