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Reconstruction of the lecture halls EI, EII and EIII (2013 - 2015)

The reconstruction of the lecture halls EI, EII and EIII took place during the summer holiday 2013 a part of the solution of an Investment development project (abbreviation in Czech - IRP) of the Faculty of Economics and Management. The main objective was the overall modernization of the lecture halls with focus on improving the quality of the educational process and expanding the complexity of the use of the lecture halls in order to increase the attractiveness of the study.

The realization itself was preceded by a thorough analysis in the form of lighting study, acoustic study, project design of audiovisual techniques and architectural study of the teacher’s desks.

The entire project was completed in a record-breaking time, due to the limitation of the  start of the academic year. The project results can be summarized as follows:

  • Installation of a teacher’s desks in new design built from a modern material CORIAN,
  • realization of acoustic tiling from MLS structures according to the conclusions of the acoustic study,
  • expansion of the possibilities of audio-visual technique - central projection, stationary large projection screen, modernization of the blackboard system, extension of the functions of the control system in the lecture halls,
  • reconstruction of lighting, new socket wiring for students, LED lighting of the staircase,
  • realization of uniform time in the form of large wall clocks,
  • AVT access via the cards access control system,
  • modernization of visual elements of ventilation,
  • increasing the accessibility of lecture halls for people with disabilities by the shape of the teacher's desks, ramps, and augmentation of displays,
  • extending the usability of the lecture hall EII as a cinema room with spatial sound.

The modernization of the lecture halls continued again during the summer holidays in 2015 again, within the support of the IRP, by the reconstruction of the floors, the replacement of the structures and the seats, and the construction of barrier-free seating places. The entire reconstruction will be completed this year with a complex digitization of audiovisual technologies and the standardization of the control system.