Information Support Centre


In 1998 the original Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Economics and Managements (FEM) CULS was divided into three parts - the Department of Information Technologies, the Department of Information Engineering and the Information Support Centre (abbreviation in Czech - SIS). At that time the department did not have the capacity to provide information technology services for the entire faculty, so the unit was organizationally included under the Dean's Office.

Due to the rapid development of the faculty in the following years, the electronic support of faculty processes has started, conditioned by the own development of applications and information systems and by the gradual specialization of the individual activities of the Information Support Centre. Gradually the individual units of SIS were created. The department development was completed in 2004, when SIS formed the foundation of a newly created university unit for administration of information and communication technologies (the Department of Information and Communication Technologies - abbreviation in Czech - OIKT). This was a logical step for the faculty. The original university unit (abbreviation in Czech - ÚVT) was no longer able to offer the necessary dynamics of ICT development, which resulted in barriers due to over-allocation of workload and security issues for SIS. Centralization of ICT administration and development is much more effective for the university and individual faculties.
The situation has changed after 2009 when the development of ICT has ceased to be required and supported. OIKT activities have been gradually reduced, the staffing of some agendas has been sharply reduced, decentralization is now preferred.

The Information Support Centre (SIS) was renewed by the decision of the FEM Academic Senate (AS FEM) in 2014 as a specialized unit of the FEM Dean's office providing support for the operation and development of the faculty in the following areas:

  • Information and communication technologies,
  • audiovisual technologies,
  • e-learning,
  • presentation technologies,
  • taking and processing of photos and videos,
  • event management,
  • administration of classrooms,
  • project management.

The Information Support Centre is managed by the head of the office, in his absence by the assistant manager. Each area of activities is run by a service guarantor, who creates virtual teams from other SIS members to provide the service.

Members of SIS are staff of the faculty with a regular employment contract, co-workers on the agreement on working activity and university students, which are lead by individual guarantors and they are rewarded for their work in the form of extraordinary scholarships.
The Information Support Centre cooperates with the Representative of IT (abbreviation in Czech - ZIT), and  Guarantors for Electronic Support (abbreviation in Czech - GAELP) in individual departments.