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An important supporting activity of university workplaces is the own development of web and mobile applications. Providing ICT services and developing information systems is important for a number of research and development projects that are an integral part of academic life. Own development of applications is also significantly cheaper and more efficient than outsourcing. The Faculty of Economics and Management CULS, in response to the growing need for its own development, established the own Development team at the Information Support Centre.

The SIS FEM Development team will provide graphical, analytical and programming work for CULS academic workplaces, even though FEM is prioritized. The team’s main purpose is the creation and administration of web portals and mobile applications. SIS Development team is composed of senior (current employees) and junior (selected students) programmers and analysts. The development of customized applications is managed by the SIS on a project basis and under OIKT technological support. 

A part of the Development team is also the AppVenture Team, formed by a group of students of Informatics at FEM CULS. The students from the team are, in their spare time, analyzing, developing and testing applications for the Development team and do other activities, such as preparing graphic designs or creating videos. Some students have completed internships, such as IBM Mobile First - WorkLight, Bluemix, etc.

Application development will be based on PHP, Nette and MySQL standards. Other used technologies will include e.g. the Latte template system, Bootstrap and Foundation responsive front-end frameworks, or the CSS LESS extension. The Development team SIS FEM has already successfully launched applications such as SENOSEC.CZU.CZ, WWW.PTACIONLINE.CZ, JOBS.PEF.CZU.CZ or PRVNIKROKY.PEF.CZU.CZ. A number of applications are developed for research projects and in cooperation with other faculties CULS or in cooperation with external partners. The activities of the Development team SIS FEM brings to the Faculty of Economics and Management CULS not only the basic services in ICT development but also the media and scientific prestige in the professional communities and among the public.


Ing. Jan Bartoška, Ph.D., tel .: +420 224 382 361, e-mail: bartoska@pef.czu.cz

Ing. Jan Prokop, e-mail: prokop@pef.czu.cz