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A department or Final state exam party, press- or scientific conference, ball, sports or music festival, teambuilding or any other event, simply events that require personalized solution. These are enjoyments that you experience with all senses and which are never forgotten. If you will entrust the organization of your event to SIS FEM, you will get on your side professionals who will take care of everything. We will guarantee that you impress your employees, co-workers, clients or sponsors.

What kind of events can we organize for you?

We provide all kinds of events. For example official parties, conferences, festive conferences, balls, banquets, concerts, festive opening, presentations, teambuilding and many others.

What all can we do for the success of your corporate event?

In one word ALL. We are able to organize events of almost any size, from a party for 10 people to large conferences with 1 000 participants. We provide all the organization from the initial negotiations, planning the program with the client, through budgeting to realization of your event including technical support and personnel. We also monitor the course of the event and after its end we provide the final evaluation report.


  • selection and subsequent lease of premises / location
  • transport services, accommodation, permission to entrance
  • refreshment, complete catering
  • Intellectual property rights for musical works (by OSA) and other activities related to the event


  • hostesses, part-time workers, hairdressers, make-up artists
  • famous moderators, actors, music bands, singers
  • dancers, acrobats, athletes, cartoonists, calligraphists


  • sound and lights, projector
  • stages and other constructions
  • tables, chairs, notice boards
  • all decorations from design to production


  • invitations, flyers, business cards, posters
  • roll-ups, advertising sheets
  • billboards, megaboards, etc.


Ing. Tereza Jedlanová, phone: 736 444 815, e-mail: jedlanova@pef.czu.cz