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SENOSEC.CZU.CZ is the result of a CULS volunteer project, which has been actively coordinated by  SIS FEM from its start. The project started in December 2014, when representatives of CULS, the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the civic initiative Za živou krajinu (For the living landscape) agreed to co-operate in the issues spring haymaking. A lot of freshly born offsprings of wild animals (especially young roebucks) unnecessarily dies under the wheels of farmers mowing machines during spring haymaking. Although a number of preventive events are taking place annually in some places in the Czech Republic, the problem is not addressed  in majority of Bohemia and Moravia. This is due to a lack of communication and little interest among groups of farmers and gamekeepers. The project offers an independent platform for all parties to communicate and to collect data for further farming in the landscape. This platform has been, in the past few months, extended by a mobile application. 

The main function of the portal is sending announcements via text messages about a reported mowing or a change in dates of the preventive events. SIS FEM also provides the coordination of preventive events in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences on the premises of CULS Farm Estate at Lány.

More information about the project at SENOSEC.CZU.CZ.