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At the Faculty of Economics and Management there are currently 12 computer classrooms and 12 classrooms without student PCs.

Classroom administration office manages 2 meeting rooms (E155, E209), 3 large lecture halls (EI, EII, EIII) and 2 small lecture halls (EIV, EV), the largest lecture hall on FEM T1 in the T building, 3 classrooms in the dormitory building G; PC laboratory for independent student work and classrooms without PC at dormitory building JIH, classroom at dormitory building F, 3 classrooms at dormitory building BCD, Test Center.

All of the above mentioned classrooms are equipped with a computer for the teacher, a data projector and connecting point for a laptop.

FEM classrooms opening hours: Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Students of FEM CULS in Prague have the possibility to use computer classrooms outside the teaching times.


Martina Cestrová, room: PEF E250, tel: 224 384 292, e-mail: cestrova@oikt.czu.cz