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CEMS 2 construction is the second phase of the planned completion of the FEM building in the form of the Center for Economic and Managerial Studies CULS in Prague (CEMS). The first stage was completed in 2006 and our faculty was dilated by so much needed space of building facility CEMS 1.

The construction of the second stage extends the FEM and CEMS 1 buildings with extra teaching and office space by extending the CEMS 1 connecting neck and constructing a new building parallel to the original building from year 1964. The most important addition to the faculty will be:

  • 7 new seminar rooms of type "Cxx" (30 persons), 
  • 2 lecture halls type EIV / EV (60 persons), 
  • representative meeting room (72 persons), 
  • multifunctional seminar room with mobile partition (2x36 or 1x72 persons), 
  • 15 exercise rooms).

In the basement there will be storerooms, archives and a bicycle-room with a bathroom. In the 2nd floor, a new buffet will be created with a sitting area in the resting area. The new office space will finally allow Department of Languages and Department of Law to move from the inconvenient premises of ARITMA (the former military department of CULS).

Faculty as a future user is represented by the JUDr. Marie Divišová - Head of Dean's Office, Ing. Ondřej Hradecký and Ing. Petr Benda, Ph.D. The construction itself commenced on January 25, 2016, and according to a contract, the building should be completed and brought into use by our faculty within 14 months.

For more information, news and graphics, visit the CEMS 2 site at http://katedry.czu.cz/cems2.

The resulting object is best shown in architectural visualization: