Department of game management and wildlife biology


   We work with many companies to teach our students to ensure the most up-to-date trends they encounter in practice. In addition, we solve smaller or more extensive research projects with companies in which our students also have the opportunity to participate.

Thanks to our High Tech pavilion, we have a unique opportunity to combine the study of shooting ergonomics with the production of stocks. To do this, we have purchased the world's most renowned electronic training simulator of long firearms shooting from the Marksman training system. Our students train both the correct weapon handling and the proper hanging on a moving target in this simulator. They have the opportunity to learn target shooting from all disciplines on asphalt targets, through ducks, pheasants, roe deer, red deer, moose to wild boar. They can change the background, the number of trees and obstacles, the speed and distance of targets, caliber, and ammunition used.

We cooperate with Jirkovský and Janeček in the field of hunting ballistics and shooting.

We cooperate with Swarovski Optik in the field of hunting optics.

In the field of weapons verification and control, we cooperate with the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition.

We have the opportunity to solve everything regarding ammunition directly with the domestic and world-famous Sellier & Bellot ammunition.

We consult with ARMS-CZ regarding design, production, and modern trends.