Department of game management and wildlife biology


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We cooperate in excursions and internships with the preparatory company Ing. Pavel Zugar.

We cooperate in excursions and internships with another preparatory company Ing. Radomír Franc.

We cooperate with Schwarz Taxidermy AT on excursions, internships, and regarding to preparation tools.


The company Bouten & Zoon VOF provides us with professional advice, cooperation in preparation tools, and chemistry for the conservation and tanning of bird skins. Of course, students can have internships in it or organize excursions to the company.

Bauer Handels GmbH provides professional advice and is our supplier of preparation supplies and chemicals.

Není k dispozici žádný popis fotky.

McKenzie - taxidermy supply is our supplier of preparation tools and equipment.

We cooperate with the Flash Barrandov company in modeling and model production; they also organize professional seminars and internships.

Josef Strnad Solnice also provides us with professional practice, pelt tanning, and excursions.

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Professional cooperation is provided, and the supplier of composite materials for the production of habitats and artificial components for preparation practice is our cooperating company, Skolil composite.