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   Within the topic of Graphic Methods, we try to develop students' creativity using basic art techniques and photographic themes. Our students also apply their acquired skills in free digital creation. Emphasis is placed on the practical mastery of basic graphic methods, and especially on the effective presentation of their own ideas or presentations.

   Students become acquainted with the basics of applied and documentary drawing, scientific drawing and painting according to reality, but they are also given room for free creation, which is based on their own imagination. They learn to draw a spatial object, shade, create a composition and master perspective in order to achieve artistic expression. They train practical drawing according to models as well as live animals, thanks to which they acquire the real form of animals. 

   Landscape, plant and animal photography is another great area where they develop their skills and knowledge. They can use the option of manual adjustment of digital SLR cameras. They learn to perfect their work with the help of software for editing photos and drawings. They become acquainted with the basics of computer graphics, web design and computer presentations, and they also have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the graphic studio and learn about the preparation of printed matter, publications, processing of promotional materials and printing.

   Graphic methods are a unique combination of basic principles and illustrative examples of drawing, painting, photography and graphic computer processing.