Department of game management and wildlife biology


   In the newly built High-Tech pavilion, the Department of Game Management and Wildlife Biology has a classroom of Ergonomic Studies, which houses a Swedish-made Marksmann shooting simulator. This simulator was developed primarily for "dry" training of sports shooters. In shooting teaching, this device is used to practice safe handling of weapons, and students try shooting at a projected target under the supervision of the teacher.

   During the training itself, the shooter holds a model of a hunting weapon and the shooting situation he chooses is projected on the wall in front of him. The simulator offers the possibility of shooting with a shotgun and rifle. With a shotgun students can shoot at asphalt pigeons, pheasants, wild ducks and the lagopus. With a rifle, they can shoot at a classic target, wild boar, bear, moose or deer. For each type of game, it is possible to set the speed and direction of movement of the target. Students usually practice in shotgun mode on classic asphalt targets.

   At the command of the shooter, the program sends a target, which he tries to hit. After shooting, the program offers the possibility of slow motion, where you can clearly see the path of the flying target and the motion of the weapon made by the shooter. This clearly shows the shooter where he made a mistake, allowing him to correct it in the following situation. In a real environment, of course, this is not possible, and without the supervision of an experienced instructor, the shooter would only waste ammunition, time and targets. The simulator also allows the installation of a sensor on a classic firearm, so it is possible to practice shooting with your own weapon. It should always be emphasized that this is not just about fun, it is also about acquiring the good habits that are necessary for both safe handling of firearms and accurate shooting at live game. As far as we know, there is no similar shooting simulator with such accuracy anywhere else in the Czech Republic, and we can offer our students the highest possible standard.

Textbook Shooting

   Our department has witnessed the creation of the new textbook titled Shooting. Along with a team of experts, doc. Hart, doc. Hanzal and Ing. Matějka created a university textbook in which students will find much new information and attractions. Those interested can gain knowledge in the field of hunting weapons, ammunition, ballistics, optics and health science.