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FEM Golf Tour 2019 is a series of golf tournaments organized by Golf club of CULS.

Tournaments are usually played on 9 or 18 holes, according to the Golf Rules, the Czech Golf Federation (ČGF) Tournament rules, Local Course Rules and temporary Local Rules.

Tournaments are subject to the local rule allowing dropping a lost ball or a ball in the out of bounds with a penalty of two strokes.


Red colour tees are for women, yellow tees are for men. There are two categories, men and women together:

  1. Stableford netto - ie stableford points, taking account of player’s handicap (ČGF).
  2. Stableford brutto - ie stableford points, without taking into account player’s handicap.

Tournament participants automatically participate in both categories (SBF netto and SBF brutto) and on each of the tournaments both categories are announced, except for tournaments played on an unstandardized course. In such tournaments only the SBF brutto category is announce.

Awarding points in the FEM Golf Tour 2019

The tour results are announce in two categories:

  • Stableford netto - the simple sum* of the netto stableford points earned by the player on all FEM Golf Tour 2019 tournaments.
    If the tournament takes place on a non-standard course, the brutto SFB will be used.
  • Stableford brutto - the simple sum* of the brutto stableford points earned by the player on all FEM Golf Tour 2019 tournaments.

*) The two worst results are deleted if the player has participated in all tournaments, therefore the SBF from 2 tournaments, in which the player has received the least SBF, do not count to the final awarding points of the Tour. If the player did not participate in 1 tournament, 1 tournament where he has received the least SFB so do not count to his/her final score. If the player did not participate in 2 or more tournaments, the SBF will be counted from all participating tournaments.

When the number of SFBs is equal, the order determines the following:

  • Smaller number of participated tournaments (smaller number means better placement).
  • Lower HCP on the day of announcement of the results of the FEM Golf Tour 2018 (lower HCP means better placement).
  • Lottery.