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14th African Small Mammals Symposium

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    The journey of Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Červený, CSc. was carried out in the period 30/08/2023 – 27/09/2023. The purpose of the trip was active participation in the 14th African Small Mammals Symposium held on 17/09/2023 – 22/09/2023 in Swakopmund (Namibia) and a pre-and post-congress study tour focused on the mammalian fauna of different types of savannas in Namibia. The study trip was organized by the University of Namibia (UNAM), which financially provided transport and accommodation in the field (see appendix).

    At the symposium, two oral contributions and two posters were presented in which prof. Červený participated as a co-author with the FLD ČZU affiliate in Prague. In particular, the presentation on the discovery of a hitherto unknown species of wren (as yet unnamed) in the Dragon Mountains of Lesotho aroused great interest.