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SIS on the Bike

Summer SIS Trip on the Bike

A summer bike trip is a teambuilding and bodybuilding event of SIS. The finish of the trip is traditionally in the brewery of Všeradice, where participants are rewarded with a glass of local delicious beer and a good rest. The length of the trip depends on the selection of a specific route based on possibilities of participants. One-way route from Horoměřice to Všeradice is about 64 km. Participants can join for the whole ride there and also back, or join anywhere along the way, taking a train for parts of the journey.

ICT Triathlon

Since 2017 SIS members participate in the ICT Triathlon race in Račice near Roudnice nad Labem. The sport areal fulfills the conditions for world competitions. The race consists of 3 disciplines - swimming, cycling and running.

Swimming takes place in a water channel 0.75 km long. The cycling track is 20 km long (a total of 4 circuits for 5 km) on a ring road in the closed area of the Rowing water channel. 5 km running track contains of two circuits on forest roads around the sport areal.

Tomáš Fulín, who represented FEM last year (June 17, 2017), ranked 42nd in his category and in total finished 74th out of 167 participants.

This year (June 9, 2018), Petr Benda (66th position overall) dressed in FEM jersey joined Tomáš Fulín (73rd position overall) among 185 participants. More detailed results are available in the scorecard.