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The Conscious breathing, stretching in the rhythm of your breath and in the possibilities of your body, earthing at the moment, returning and kindness to yourself. Nonviolence, slowing down, relaxation, calming. This and much more can offer yoga to anyone who decides to do it, even only a few hours a week. It does not matter in the figure, age or physical training. It is about "taste" to change something, to move forward in life, straighten your back and thoughts.

Thanks to the Faculty Management was set up a small relaxation centre for the FEM employees in ground floor of the CEMS II new building at the beginning of 2018. The furnishings of teh centre meets the conditions for conducting yoga lessons.

We would like to invite you to the yoga lessons in the new academic year. More details about the type of lessons and timing of the hours will be published here during August 2018.