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International Visegrad Fund
Development of Urban Culture in V4 Countries
Project ID: 21920177

About the project

Culture and cultural development are commonplace in Western European countries and, above all, economic capital. For this reason, main project objective is aimed at development of urban culture. Our project will implement research into practice by identifying economic impacts in managing culture in self-governments, improving governance mechanisms in urban development, and developing cultural cityscaps which would help representatives of cultural institutions and local authorities rely on concrete results and information. We want to achieve this goal by analysing cultural identity of selected cities (Banska Bystrica, Krakow, Miskolc and Prague) and researching literary monuments – literary texts, but also myths and legends of cities as an important part of the cultural memory of European cities, whose identity is fading with increasing urbanization and globalization. If we raise written relics to material monuments, they can tell us a great deal about origins, causes of urban units – streets, squares and buildings – and help uncover forgotten meanings of cities involved in the genius loci, "soul" of the city.

These analyses are a precondition for development of urban tourism. What is important is cultural practice and its impact on residents, visitors, city politicians etc. As a result of our research, we will offer an interactive map (or cultural navigator) available freely on the Internet as a collection of information, interpretations, demonstrations and didactic tasks and questions relating to cultural identity of European cities.

More information at project website: https://nemeckaprazskaliteratura8.webnode.cz/

Project Coordinator

Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Head Researcher: Mgr. Eva Höhn, PhD., eva.hohn@umb.sk

Project Partners

University of Miskolc, Hungary
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic
Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland

Project duration: 15.10.2019 – 14.04.2021

Project outputs

Guest lectures

This output will provide knowledge and experience in the development of urban culture and will enhance internationalization and networking.

Guided walks in the city

What is the best place for living? Every city has its advantages, cultural places and history. A city visitor is not just a fan or a consumer, but he/she has a desire to know his/her own roots and culture. Students will have the opportunity to design and practice a thematic tour through the city. They will learn urban marketing, to apply for jobs and chances effectively and independently, and to push the concept of city tour into practice. Professional tours through the ancient streets of the city attract not only tourists and residents, but also schools and youth clubs.

Digital map of “Literary city”

The digital city map will be a collection of information, interpretations, demonstrations and didactic tasks and questions for teaching the cultural identity of European (large) cities. The side will serve as an aid in teaching a foreign language. Rumors, legends, and other language artifacts can motivate not only university-students but also students of primary and upper schools to learn different cultures independently, arouse their interest in the country. The historical events of myths and legends contribute to his/her interest in history and create awareness of his own and foreign identity.

International Conference

Conference Topics: - Literature as a tool for decoding the cultural context of a city - Culture as a tool for development and a source of capital - Cultural development and digitization trends - What is Smart City - Initiatives and solutions from the city council and the university - "Smart Village" - cultural tools for rural development