Department of game management and wildlife biology


  How Sudan made it all the way to the FLD. The High-Tech Pavilion, within the FLD, currently houses a rare skeletal specimen of the last male northern white rhinoceros, Sudan. Due to the importance of the preparation, the process had to be sufficiently documented. In the first phase, the rhino skull was scanned using a Siemens CT scanner. Due to the large skeleton not fitting entirely into the Siemens CT scanner, it was set out on a 3D scanner for complete documentation. An Atos Compact Scan scanner is available within the High-Tech Pavilion; however, we have used the larger Atos 5 for this job. The Atos 5 is a completely mobile, high-speed scanner designed for metrology. The accuracy of this scanner is the same as that of the Compact Scan, but the main differences are the speed and the measuring volume up to 1000mm2. We moved the scanner around the rhino during the whole process, for better output we even decided to scan from the inside of the specimen. At the end of 6 hours of scanning we found that there was a smooth course and a preparation without damage which gave us a quality output.